Website Usage

The website is divided into sections, which have specific purposes. We hope to provide all the information needed by people interested in researching our products and to our distribution partners. It is organized as follows:

About Us - is about the company, our history, philosophy and goals.

Spa Therapy - is about massage and provides our view of what a human massage is and how we engineer our technologies to mimic that experience.

Products - is a data base that allows you to search for a size, shape, look and system configuration that will meet your bathing desire. Each product has an associated technical specification that describes the features of individual product selection in detail. These are in an Adobe PDF format and can be saved and/or printed from your desk.

Practical Info - contains information that will help you think through your bathroom renovation or new construction before you start and finish the project. It is intended to help people avoid some of the mistakes that can lead to dissatisfaction in a finished bath room project.

Dealer Locator - is a data base of our authorized dealers.

FAQs - is a list of typical questions that people ask about our products. Click on the question and an answer appears. Click on the answer and it disappears.

PDF Library - is a library of information where people can obtain operating instructions, installation information, articles and a wide variety of information in various standard file formats that can be saved or printed at your desk.

We are practical people and designed our website to be a practical source of information. We hope we have achieved the objective and welcome your feedback.