Acryline is a green organization but not because it is suddenly popular. We are consciously green because it has always been the right thing to do. Recycling, air quality, safety for employees, our guests and our customers, responsible disposal methods and limiting the use of precious resources are all simply the right thing to do and we have been working at these objectives for many years.


Our employees gather acrylic chips from the production floor every day and throw them into bins located strategically around our plant for sale to recyclers. The money we receive is placed in the employee fund and not in the company bank account to pay the employees back for doing the right thing.

We recycle other plastics, metal and cardboard used in production and shipping in the same manner.

We recycle refuse paper generated in administration.

We provide used wooden pallets to area potato farmers who use them to package and ship their produce to market.

We return specialty packaging to our suppliers for re-use.

We recycle the water we use for testing our baths by filtering it back through to a holding tank.


We have reduced our paper consumption by moving to virtual catalogs and other marketing materials available on our website and on disk. In addition we use email for communication whenever possible and have developed a comprehensive data source system for documentation and reports.

We use resins with very low styrene content to reduce the emissions of styrene into the air.

We invested over $450,000 in an air handling system to ensure an outstanding air quality in the workplace and in the greater community surrounding our manufacturing plant. Styrene does not cause physical harm but smells awful in concentration.

We reduced energy consumption by mixing our resin at ambient temperature instead of warming it and also further reduced emissions of styrene as a consequence.

We reduced the amount of chemical solvents in production by employing dry ice to clean our equipment instead of chemical solvents.

We are an avid recycler of paper, cardboard, wood, acrylic, resins, used production barrels and everything else we can possibly recycle. We maintain an active and energetic employee led Safety and Health Committee. Our plant styrene emissions are the lowest the Quebec Ministry of the Environment has ever measured for the composite industry in all of Quebec Province. We keep an immaculate production facility and transportation yard, our air quality make up system is second to none in our industry, we have exceptional procedures for transporting what limited toxic waste we produce to certified recyclers and landfills. These efforts predate any marketing driven notion of championing these initiatives as a reason to buy our product.

We have changed components to achieve greater functionality while at the same time conserving energy. Our blower motors use less energy in operation today than they did one year ago and we are perpetually at work to further reduce energy consumption on the next generation. Our lighting system is low voltage and amperes. We are using design to achieve depth without adding gallons. We created a horizontal overflow for this purpose that allows displacement of water to raise the water level around a human without using more water. This allows a higher water level as the more fully immersed human form displaces the water in the bath, raising the level of the existing water around the body but not losing the water down the overflow as happens when the overflow is mounted on a vertical plane. It is the same amount of water just used more efficiently.

We are GREEN and always have been because it is the right thing to do.