Airbath Experts

We have been engineering air system technology since 1972. We are the experts and industry leader. This happened as a result of our passion for air system bathing over more than three decades of constant innovation driven by our belief that air systems provide a superior massage. We champion air as a far superior massaging technology to anyone who will listen. We are not arrogant but instead zealots who love what we do.

We manufacture two separate air system technologies that we can also combine within a single bath. We call our channel technology the Health masseur, our injection technology the Aqua masseur and our combined system technology "The Ultimate Bathing Experience".

Our channel technology provides a strong tissue massage at high blower motor operating ranges generating substantial force pressure of massaging water all over the body. As you reduce the volume and velocity of air you can temper this vigorous massage to an intermediate massage of cascading water current. Our injection technology uses air bubbles to massage. This is accomplished by balancing the air delivery to the bath and placing the injectors so that the air they introduce into the bath trace the meridians of the central nervous system and provide a tactile massage. We believe our combined system bathing technology to be the finest most comprehensive massaging bath system on the planet. This system provides our bathers with a massage that is the closest to a human massage available in the comfort and security of a personal bath.

We are air bath zealots whose passion is unyielding and whose baths are built for life. We take extraordinary care to build baths and air systems that deliver exceptional massage, are easy to maintain and install and will provide our bathers with a personal bathing masseuse who can meet their evolving massage therapy needs for decades. We want you, your family, friends, guests and the new owners of your house, should you sell your home, to enjoy the healthy benefits that are a result of regularly using our massaging baths. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

Thank you for visiting with us and we hope you will find all the information needed to choose our warm air system bath as your dream bath.