Acryline is committed to manufacturing bathing systems that promote personal health and well-being.

We believe that our warm air hydro massage system bath provides basic fundamental relief from the daily stress that is part of life.

Our mission is to educate people to the value that our system bath will have on their health.

No Time For A Bath

While we realized that time is a constraint these days and not everyone has the luxury or time to bath which explain why people are increasingly turning to the shower.

Acryline is proud to introduce its new Acryline Spa Showers collection. The latter offers a complete range of acrylic showers and shower bases complemented by innovative and practical shower doors.

Conventional showers are often ill adapted to the needs of the disabled. With thresholds to step over, and space constraints impeding on the users mobility, these showers prove inadequate and can at times jeopardize the safety of the occupants.

Acryline is well aware of the need for functional shower units that can adapt to your custom requirements without sacrificing beauty.